Paul, Joanne, Julie & the team at pjd real estate are your local trusted real estate agents.

They care about you and are committed to working hard to ensure that not only the best price, but from the best buyer and in the briefest amount of time is always achieved

Why Choose Us

Not all real estate agencies are the same, not all real estate agents are the same.

P.J.D. REAL ESTATE has a vision statement:


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We are focused on achieving the very best price from the best available buyer in the briefest period of time within whatever market conditions we are presented with.

This focus combined with continued attention to detail produces enviable results. To guarantee that we are succeeding our vendors expectations, we monitor and publish 6 elements of our sales performance.

2021 sales performance


1) The % percentage of vendors that list with us, that successfully sell with us: 100%.

2) The average number of days for sale on the market: 12-Days.

3) The % percentage of our vendors that sell for or above their advertised price: 88%.

4) The average $ dollar variance between the advertised price and sold price: +$18,578.

5) The average % percentage variance between the advertised price and sold price: +4%.

6) With all the experience between us and as a team, the number of homes we have sold: 1,050+.

7) Average for sale advertised price: $543,431.

8) Average settlement value: $562,009.

We are proud of our sales performance, if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to ask.

The data is taken from our current financial year.



We are 100% sales driven, not distracted nor financially rewarded by property management.



We truly work as a team. When you employ one of us, you will get the rest of the team pitching in. We have found this to be the most productive way to achieve higher values and keep the number of days on the market to a minimum.

Paul and Joanne will tell you that they very rarely sell a home without both being involved. They will also admit that they fulfil each others weaknesses and play to each others strengths.

The whole team will become familiar with your property. They may or may not be called upon to assist with the marketing, but they will all have a vested interest.

When your property settles, every member of the team is rewarded. It may sound silly but team work does make the dream work and that is our ultimate objective, to make your real estate dreams come true.



When you instruct P.J.D. REAL ESTATE to sell your home not only do you benefit from a combined 40 plus years of experience, you will also have a strategy. A great deal of experience, thought and time is given to what happens, when it happens and what to expect. You go to market with a plan.

99% of our sales come from private appointments.

Traditional open homes/open inspections are and were never created nor designed to sell real estate. They were introduced in the 1990’s for real estate agents to have contact with other potential vendors, clients with homes to sell. P.J.D. REAL ESTATE have strategies to encourage your potential buyers to come to you/us.

You will have plenty of notice of an appointment, with no time wasting, correct names, contact details and often the buyers motivation and purchasing position will be ascertained before the appointment. Instant feedback once the appointment is over and because the buyer has come to you/us, you can make several assumptions.

Location, Accommodation and to a large degree, Price are all acceptable, as these decisions were made prior to contact being made and the appointment being booked.