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They care about you and are committed to working hard to ensure that not only the best price, but from the best buyer and in the briefest amount of time is always achieved

Sales Performance

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2022 sales performance


1) The % percentage of vendors that list with us, that successfully sell with us: 100%.

2) The average number of days for sale on the market: 6-Days.

3) The % percentage of our vendors that sell for or above their advertised price: 93%.

4) The average $ dollar variance between the advertised price and sold price: +$19,751.

5) The average % percentage variance between the advertised price and sold price: +3.2%.

6) With all the experience between us and as a team, the number of homes we have sold: 1,200+.

7) Average for sale advertised price: $617,389.

8) Average settlement value: $637,140.