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Preparing For Sale

First Impressions

First impressions really count, ensuring that your property is presented in its absolute best can not only improve the quality of your advertising but will also dramatically increase your final selling price.

However, usually spending an awful lot of money on your home before it hits the market can be sidestepped. If it is necessary to spend a few dollars, think of your spend as an investment in achieving a far better result.

If you are completing a checklist of jobs to do or hints and tips to help maximize the sale price of your home. Remember what you are aiming for, a buyer with similar aspirations and standards to you is our target customer, trust your own judgements.




Driveway: Remove any oil stains that may be present.Lawn: Mow, whipper snip edges and clear away leaves.

Garden Beds: Remove weeds and prune plants/shrubs/trees.

Gutters: Clean and repair any that require it.

Eaves and Doorways: Sweep any cobwebs down and paint if need.

Entrances: Ensure screen doors are secure and locks oiled and working.

Paving: Clear away any weeds that are present.

Windows: Ensure they are clean and that there are no holes in the fly screens.

Lighting: Replace globes that are not working and cover with basic lampshades if needed.

Front door: Clean and or give a coat of paint to give a nice fresh look.

Please note that if you make any investment in the purchasing of potted plants or ornaments that you will be able to take them with you once sold.



Throughout: Clean and dust thoroughly and add air fresheners.

Throughout: Remove all unessential items, put personal items and bench top appliances away.

Lights: Ensure all globes are working and shades are clean.

Lounge/Sofa: Add throws or cushions to update and modernize, if necessary.

Electrical cords: Hide them away or make them look tidy.

Taps: Repair any that are dripping or broken.

Oven: Degrease/clean hotplates and door.

Mirrors: Clean thoroughly.

Light switches: Clean and or repair any that require attention.

Pictures: Clean and ensure that they are straight, remove any family photos for privacy reasons.

Fans: Ensure they are clean and dust free.

Bathroom: Ensure that all daily accessories are put away in the cabinet.

Towels: Replace with new colour coordinated.

Please note that if you make any investment in the purchasing of personal items or chattels that you will be able to take them with you once sold.

In preparing your home for sale you may require assistance or professional help. If so, please contact Julie on our office number 08 8552 7934 for contact details of specific local trades men and women.


Hints and tips to help you capitalise on your presentation and the quality of your photography.

A professional consultation with your photographer can be arranged by us, or directly with the photographer when he/she contacts you to plan your shoot.

Give your home a good clean the day before. Include all windows, tidy the front and rear gardens, mow lawns and trim trees and bushes.

Take down family portraits or photography, especially if you have a lot of them. This will help prospective buyers visualize the home better plus protect your privacy.

Hide your council rubbish bins out of the way. Pop them down the side of your home or even in the shed to make sure that they are hidden from your aerial photography.

Park your family cars either in the garage or down the street away from the front of your home. This opens the front elevation to make it spacious.

Open all curtains and blinds to make best use of the natural light that comes in.

Turn on all lights and lamps. If a twilight shoot is also being done, please ensure that all the outside lights are in working order and on.

Clear away all personal items from your bathrooms including vanities and showers.

Remove all items from your kitchen counter tops including kettles, knife block, paper towel holder, tea towels etc. to make the space more open & incumber free.

Take off anything that you have stuck on your fridge.

Make the beds with matching linen where possible, soften with throws and cushions.

Minimize your personal belongings throughout your home. This will stimulate potential purchasers’ thoughts of where they can place their belongings and furniture.

If you have one, supplying a copy of your floorplan to your photographer would also be extremely helpful.

The above are suggestions which will aid you in putting your best foot forward in the marketing of your home.