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They care about you and are committed to working hard to ensure that not only the best price, but from the best buyer and in the briefest amount of time is always achieved

Matt Oldham



Matt delivers extra and vital components to your process. Joining us from a real estate competitor in the Adelaide Hills you will be rewarded by his desire to supply both excellent customer service and the best financial result possible.

He brings (more) youth, enthusiasm, and stamina, to your team. Plus, a trustworthy personality that can relax the most hardened negotiation. Your sale will receive help from purchasers wanting to do business with Matt and his accomplishments in matching the right buyer with the right home. Matthew also manages his time so that you are kept informed of your progression and you always keep control.

Formerly working in the real estate industry in Adelaide Hills, and beforehand in the leisure business, Matt’s focus has continuously been on customer service.

Matt will impress you with his abilities, his loyal level of commitment to you and his dedication to a demanding career. An additional asset to all.

mobile: 0493 217 793