Joanne and Julie at pjd real estate are your local trusted real estate agents.

They care about you and are committed to working hard to ensure that not only the best price, but from the best buyer and in the briefest amount of time is always achieved

Marketing Tools


Our marketing packages evolve with our marketing strategies. Each home, apartment, block of land etc. is distinctive and special; therefore, your marketing package needs to be flexible and continually developing and improving.
It is not our aim to offer you a cheap package, it is our objective to offer you excellent value.
It is not our aim to dilute the quality, it is our objective to expand your exposure.
Alongside you, we invest our money, and our time with one clear motivation:
Best Price – Best Buyer – Briefest Time.



Everything that your property requires, in one agreed marketing package at one agreed cost.
Unfortunately, there is no hiding that quality marketing is expensive. However, join us, in believing that it is an investment. Good quality marketing materials can have a significant impact on improving both the time you are on the market, and your final achievable price.
Cutting corners here will dramatically reduce the prospect of your real estate or home achieving its full financial potential.
These packages are all-encompassing and tailored to get the best results. Once-more, these marketing packages cover you and your home or real estate for the lifetime of your campaign.




PJD REAL ESTATE give you twice the exposure of our competitors, only using an all-Premier Listing + Audience Maximiser + the eBrochure facility. A premier listing rotates back to the top of page 1 every 15 days, on day 15, day 30, day 45, day 60, day 75, day 90, day 105 and lastly day 120. According to the local REA representative we are the only local agency committed to the best for every property.


PJD REAL ESTATE only offer you the best package available. A Platinum Listing Package with South Australia’s 2nd most important real estate marketing tool. As with rotating back to the top of page 1 every 15 days. Many of our competitors choose to save their money here, either by non-participation or by buying a cheaper package. With the increased interest from interstate buyers, we honestly believe this to be a fools saving.


We were extremely proud to offer our own website, easy to remember address and simple to type This is a super powerful marketing weapon, unique for extra information that is offered. This may not be your purchasers first point of call. However, when an enquiry is received from another website, we reply with your own unique property link. This sends at least twice the information available on larger websites.

More real estate websites:



This is very likely to be your introduction to your ultimate buyer. We make every effort to ensure we put your best foot forward.
Our photographer is highly qualified in the specialist field of real estate photography. We will produce 30-35 (not 15, 20, 25 or less) beautiful photographs to represent your home at its very best. Soft furnishings, cushions, throw rugs and even fake food props can be used to bring your home to life.
Thousands of dollars can be added to any and every property, regardless of your real estates market value, we advise you to only use the best. We will never take our own photography.


Often just one aerial photograph can replace the message of half-a-dozen standard photographs by allowing buyers to appreciate your whole package from a different perspective.


Just one professional twilight photograph says, ‘hey stop, look at me’. Twilight photography is becoming more and more common, but one thing remains the same, quality still rises to the top.


Wow what a difference, it is a fact that empty homes sell for less and take longer to do so. When potential buyers view a property on a website, they will often skip passed empty rooms. Your potential buyer cannot always see a rooms full potential.


Our photographer can arrange a pre-shoot consultation. This might be a 10-minute confidence booster visit or a longer planning and prestaging discussion. To achieve the best possible result from your photography please carefully consider this option.


We will take care of this crucial part in a potential buyer’s decision whether to inspect. Crystal clear, simple, easy to comprehend and accurate.


Radiating quality and sending subliminal messages of superiority and motivation. Introduced by us or discovered on a real estate website. Then the next step is for your potential buyer to drive-by your home, it is important to be seen as some buyers do not have a reverse gear.


The most viewed window presentation in Victor Harbor CBD and that is a fact.


Included on every appointment is an A3 card brochure, an A4 floorplan, and your property specific notice of offer to purchase residential land form. This form is complete with both the address and legal address of your home. This is a very powerful marketing tool.

The more your potential buyers becomes comfortable and familiar with your home, the more likely they are to make a decision to commit to buy, right here, right now. Do not underestimate the psychological sense of quality that this gives to a potential buyer, or the damage that can be done by the opposite and using only average materials.

We do not make a profit from our/your marketing materials.



This is an unavoidable cost. Here at P.J.D. REAL ESTATE we choose to take responsibility for the collation and serving of all statutory government searches. Some of our competitors will outsource this service to separate conveyancers and you will be charged by a third-party which may also delay the serving of the Form 1 documents.


The legislation that we work under and abide by does not allow for us to make a profit out of the marketing of your real estate or home. Therefore, it is also an investment for us. Dependant on whether you’re selling home or land and if any virtual photography is required, Costs vary dramatically from as little as $1,195 to as high as $2,950. To help you budget, our typical vendor selling their home invests approx. $1,995.

It is not our aim to offer you a cheap package, it is our objective to offer you excellent value.

It is not our aim to dilute the quality, it is our objective to expand your exposure.



This is obviously only payable upon a successful settlement. We have chosen to keep our selling fee transparent and competitive because we prefer you to invest in a superior marketing campaign with ultimately a higher price achieved within a shorter period on the market.

Our standard professional fee is fair. However, as a point of difference we are also happy to enter into a sliding scale agreement. The more we achieve for your real estate or home, the greater our reward.