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Buying Stages

There are many types of buyers and many ways in which to purchase real estate or buy a new home. By answering the questions below, finding what you are looking for will become much easier.



Motivations, Why are you wanting to purchase?



When do you need to move? When do you want to be moved by?



Where do you want to buy? By narrowing the geography of your search, finding your real estate or home will become much easier.



What accommodation attributes do you need? What accommodation attributes do you want?

This is the first field of compromise, very few of us purchase exactly what we set out to buy. If you are a motivated buyer you shouldn’t be able, nor prepared to concede on the 1ST, 2ND or 3RD step.



How are you going to fund your purchase?

There are 6 everyday/normal conditions in which you can fund a purchase of real estate or a new home. None of them are right or wrong, however, the more conditions that have to be met before you can pay for your purchase, the weaker your negotiation power is. The further down the list below that you go, the stronger your buying power becomes.

  • Subject to sale and settlement and finance approval.
  • Subject to sale and settlement.
  • Subject to settlement and finance.
  • Subject to finance.
  • Subject to settlement.
  • Unconditional.

There is no stopping you now, you are now ready.

You have your motivation, you know why you have decided to buy, your schedule is sorted because you have your timetable and you are focused upon the calendar. You are not wasting time looking in the wrong neighbourhood because you know exactly where you want to be. Accommodation, you know the difference between what housing you must have, and what accommodation you desire to have.

You have payment arranged, your existing real estate or home is about to go to market or is on the market and you already have a contract. You have been to see your bank and/or broker and you have an A.I.P. (agreement in principal).


You have a bag of money just waiting to be spent.



Now is the time to start your search in earnest. Contact reputable real estate agents and don’t take no for an answer. Refuse to wait for the weekend open inspections, demand to have an appointment now or within 24-hours.



You have found what you are searching for! Consider carefully, now offer. Offer what this real estate or home is worth to you, if you are unsuccessful, that is okay because that figure is what the home was worth to you. Insist upon your offer being presented upon a residential contract of sale. You are successful, the vendor of the real estate or home has signed your contract! Did you pay too much? no, because that is what this home was worth to you.



You now must concentrate, ensure that you use your best endeavours to honour your conditions, whatever they maybe.



You succeed.



Congratulations, settlement day has arrived.